Innishfree Ward Artwork


Patients from the neuro-behavioural unit based in Knockbracken Healthcare Park have created a piece of artwork of Belfast’s most iconic buildings and landmarks.

Pauline Lyons patient activity worker Belfast Trust arranged for art therapist Anna O’Kane to commence the 8 week project with the patients through funding from Lisburn & Castlereagh Borough Council.

Some of the patients are currently moving towards resettlement in the community, ward sister Joanne McNally felt it would be good to create a piece of art that could be transferred with the patients to their new care facility. Joanne also suggested the use of landmarks around Belfast as patients would be able to identify with these.

Over the 8 week period patients were enthusiastic to participate in their weekly sessions with Anna and Pauline. The group generated ideas by talking about buildings and landmarks and it was clear from the outset that the group were extremely interested in their work. They talked about buildings that they particularly liked in Belfast and images were taken from computer, following which work commenced on a three-dimensional wall hanging using various textures, colours and materials. The buildings were super-imposed onto a background of The River Lagan and the Hills of Belfast. To further enhance the piece, Anna added lights for visual effect and the finished piece has taken pride of place on the wall opposite the main entrance to NRU Innishfree Ward.

Patients and all staff involved are absolutely thrilled with the effort and the end result of this work – it has generated much interest and has promoted social inclusion within the ward setting, improving social interaction. Patients have included “NRU 2016” as a wall mural on the gable wall of a house on the painting itself, which will hopefully serve to help them fondly remember their days in Knockbracken.