2 year old needs a family for life, Could YOU adopt Zac?


The Regional Adoption & Fostering Service is assisting Trusts with finding adopters for children waiting to be adopted. We are undertaking a second child specific recruitment campaign for a young boy called Zac and hope to maximise the chance of finding a family who can give him the love, care and attention he needs. Read on to find out all about Zac.


Could you adopt Zac?

Zac* (*not his real name) is a really sociable and engaging little boy who has just turned two. He has light brown hair, grey blue eyes and a beautiful smile. He is loving, affectionate and enjoys lots of cuddles. His foster carers absolutely dote on him.

Zac loves playing with wooden puzzles, watching Mr Tumble, zooming his cars across the floor and anything with buttons. He loves the company of adults and children alike and has a knack of drawing people to him wherever he goes, particularly at the supermarket!

Zac has a packed social life including parent and toddler class, nursery rhymes at the library, dancing at Jo Jingles and swimming. He even manages to squeeze in a trip to the park a few times a week!

Zac has a medical condition which affects his intellectual and physical development. Although unable to walk unaided he can get around by crawling and his physiotherapist is very hopeful he will walk in time.

Zac is a very determined wee boy who doesn’t give up easily and with one to one support from his foster carers and professionals he has made remarkable progress, particularly over the last six months. Although his intellectual prognosis is unclear, his speech is beginning to develop and he has recently learnt to say ‘hiya’ wave ‘bye bye’ and clap his hands.

We urgently need to find the right adoptive family for Zac. He needs an energetic one or two parent family who can offer him the time, love and care he requires to reach his full potential.

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Contact Kerry Grieve, Regional Adoption Coordinator
Call 0800 0720 137 / Email: info@adoptionandfostering.hscni.net