British Journal of Midwifery Awards success for Belfast Trust


The British Journal of Midwifery Practice Award 2017 for ‘Contribution to Midwifery Education’ has been awarded to Belfast Trust’s Gillian Morrow and Kathy McCandless.

The award was given for their development of the SMARRT Pack; Supporting Midwives, newly Appointed, Returning to practice, Rotating departments and Training needs.

The British Journal of Midwifery Awards are a prestigious and important part of the midwifery calendar, recognising the outstanding achievements in midwifery practice. Gillian and Kathy were delighted to represent Belfast Trust at the award ceremony and thrilled to be chosen as winners by a panel of prominent expert judges and to have their hard work recognised and celebrated within the midwifery profession.

The SMARRT Pack is designed to enable the induction of all newly appointed midwives, support new midwifery registrants in essential skill and knowledge achievement, reorient all midwives returning after a leave of absence or rotating to new departments to appraise their experience and practice to date and identify gaps in existing knowledge and skills. The SMARRT Pack promotes reflective learning and facilitates the midwife’s individual professional development and training opportunities.

Consequently, the SMARRT Pack produces a highly skilled and motivated midwifery workforce thus enhancing safety and quality of care for women and babies. 

The SMARRT Pack is transferable and has the potential to be used across all Maternity Units.  It supports the retention of midwifery staff and assists in meeting NMC Revalidation requirements through evidence and reflection.