Give Smoking Up this March to Save


This year’s No Smoking Day is on Wednesday 8th March 2017 and is a great opportunity to make a positive change to your health and bank balance! It also marks Belfast Health & Social Care Trust being Smoke Free across our sites for one year.

There are lots of ‘potentially long-term’ harmful effects linked with smoking.

One ‘certain short-term’ impact is the cost to you. Money in your pocket is one benefit you’ll feel straight away by quitting smoking.


5 a-day

10 a-day

20 a-day

30 a-day

40 a-day

1 day






1 week






1 month






6 months






1 year






10 years






(Based on a packet of 20 cigarettes costing £9.16, RRP 2016)

Getting up, going to work, working hard to earn your wages… for what? To see it go up in smoke!

If you are a smoker and like one of the thousands of people in Northern Ireland, you may well be giving up one of their habits for Lent…. why not make stopping smoking your one? Over this period, you could save £366.40 for not smoking 20 cigarettes per day. This would equate to over £3,000 per year!

Cigarettes will continue to get more and more expensive so the long term costs will increase. Stop now and use your extra money to:

  • Buy a new outfit
  • Take the family on holiday
  • Make improvement to your house

Try this cost calculator below where you can get the exact costs for your personal habit.

The Stop Smoking Service will be hosting roadshows at a number of Trust venues to promote No Smoking Day. Why not drop in for a chat, meet the team and get some freebees?!




Monday 6th March

10.30am – 2pm

Mater Hospital atrium

Wednesday 8th March

9.30am – 2pm

Belfast City Hospital Tower Block foyer

Wednesday 8th March

10am – 4pm

Royal Victoria Hospital foyer

Wednesday 8th March

10am – 2pm

Royal Victoria Maternity Hospital Foyer

Thursday 9th March

1.30pm – 4pm

Old See House foyer

For help and support for quit smoking, visit our Stopping Smoking page.