Belfast Trust Attends Inaugural Equality and Diversity Awards


Equality representatives from both our Health and Social Inequalities and Employment Equality teams were present to celebrate in style at the Belfast City Hall on Friday evening.

The teams had jointly been successful in submitting an application to Legal Island for their Equality and Diversity inaugural awards and were duly interviewed on their application. They were then invited to celebrate amongst 285 people representing 45 nationalities and 30 organisations to celebrate equality & diversity across organisations.

Guests were treated to the unique vibrations of African Drummers Magwere, World Champion Irish Dancers, The Mc Cann sisters, Slovakian classical violinists Vladimir & Anton Jablokov and the soul gospelesque vibes of Manukahunney Blue. The evening was a festive showcase recognising the benefits that diversity brings to Northern Ireland.

The proactive work that the Trust does to promote equality and diversity is core to helping achieve our overall purpose to improve health and well-being and reduce health inequalities. Belfast Trust serves an increasingly diverse population and we employ an ethnically rich workforce and we wholly endorse the vibrancy that this yields.

As the Chief Commissioner of the Equality Commission, Dr Michael Wardlow said on Friday: “Difference isn't something to fear. It is an untapped power. When grasped it can change monochrome into colour! Seize it now”.