Savings Plan Consultation public meetings announced


Belfast Trust would like to hear your views on the 2017/18 Savings Plan proposals and invites you to attend any of the 6 public meetings being held across the City, details below. The Consultation period runs from 24 August 2017- 5 October 2017 and it is important that your voice is heard.

Meetings have been identified to accommodate a range of times – three daytime and three evening meetings across Belfast in the following locations:

 Location      Date  Time
 Crescent Arts Centre        
 2-4 University Rd
 Belfast BT7 1NH

 13 September 2017            

 Conway Mill
 5-7 Conway St
 Belfast BT13 2DE
 14 September 2017
 Network East Centre
 55 Templemore Ave
 Belfast BT5 4FP
 20 September 2017
 Grosvenor Hall
 5 Glengall St
 Belfast BT12 5AD
 20 September 2017
 Girdwood Hub
 10 Girdwood Avenue
 Belfast BT14 6EG
 21 September 2017
 Grosvenor Hall
 5 Glengall St
 Belfast BT12 5AD
 28 September 2017

 Mencap Centre
 5 School Road
 BT8 6BT

 Monday 02 October 2017  6.30pm-8.30pm

To see the full proposals for the Savings Plan consultation, click here: 

We want to make our meetings as accessible and inclusive as possible so please let us know in advance if you wish to attend and advise of any specific communication or access requirements:

Orla Barron,
Equality Lead,
1st Floor,
McKinney House,
Musgrave Park Hospital,
Stockman’s Lane,

Email:  Tel: 02895048734  Text: 0782 514 6432

If you are unable to attend but would like to comment on the proposals, you can do so (before 5th October 2017) in writing, by email, text or phone to:

Chief Executive
Belfast HSC Trust
c/o Corporate Communications
1st Floor, Nore Villa
Saintfield Road,
Belfast BT8 8BH

By emailing:
By telephone: (028) 9504 4500
Mobile Text: 0782 514 6432