Organ Donation Week 2017


It’s important to have the organ donation conversation.

Between 4-10 September, NHS Blood and Transplant, hospitals, charities and supporters of organ donation will be encouraging people across the UK to talk about organ donation with their families.

Most people support organ donation but a family’s support is needed too, so that organ donation can go ahead.

So NHS Blood & Transplant are asking for your support to remind people that their family won’t know how they feel about organ donation, unless they tell them.

There are currently around 6,500 people on the UK Transplant Waiting List, with 177 of those people living here in Northern Ireland. Last year nearly 500 people died while waiting for a transplant.

Tips to start a conversation

  • Try using an organ donation and transplantation news article in the media or on social media
  • Share an interesting fact or statistic about organ donation, you could start with “Did you know, one person could save or improve up to nine lives by donating their organs?”
  • Explain how donating your organs and tissues will improve, or even save lives.
  • Tell them how you arrived at the decision to donate your organs.
  • Personal stories are really powerful – refer to a real life story on our website about how organ donation has changed someone’s life can help trigger a conversation.
  • Use a common myth as a prompt for discussion.
  • Use an everyday situation to set the scene – these might include: the next time you sit down for a family dinner, getting life insurance/writing a will, celebrating a family anniversary or other special occasion, getting a check-up at the doctors etc.
  • Ask a family member if they have joined the NHS Organ Donor Register, and if not, would they like to donate their organs when they die?

Get involved in the conversation online throughout the week using the hashtag #OrganDonationWeek