NHS Organ Donor Card


Have you ever considered joining the thousands of people throughout the UK who carry an Organ Donor Card every day to show that they’re committed to saving lives?

As part of Organ Donation Week 2017, we are supporting the NHS Organ Donor Card. There are many benefits to carrying an Organ Donor Card in your purse or wallet as a symbol of your decision to help others. However, you don’t need to carry the card for your organs to be donated, as medical staff will always consult the NHS Organ Donor Register to ascertain whether your organs could be used to help others when you die.

Before the removal of organs takes place, NHS Blood and Transplant would ask your family to support your decision to donate and to provide important information about you.

Please don’t forget to let your family know if you are a registered donor and to make clear to them that you want them to honour your decision to donate when you die. Please don’t forget to ask them if they want to join you in becoming organ donors too.

You can also use your Donor Card to encourage others to sign up as organ donors. Many people say #YesIDonate by sharing pictures of themselves proudly holding their card on social media. It’s a quick and easy way to tell your family and friends that you want to donate your organs, while helping to spread the word about the importance of organ donation.

The NHS send an Organ Donor Card to everybody who registers to donate for the first time. If you amend your details or re-register they won’t send you a new Donor Card.

Some people who have signed up as donors may never have received an Organ Donor Card, having first registered before the NHS started sending out a card to first time registrees.

To register, please visit: https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/

If you have mislaid your donor card and would like a replacement, or have registered but never received a card and would like one, contact the Organ Donor Line on 0300 123 23 23.