DVD Launch: A Guide to Sensory Support Team Services


The Sensory Support Service recently launched an educational DVD highlighting the exceptional services provided by the team.

Speaking at the event, Martin Dillon, the Trust’s Chief Executive, paid tribute to all of those involved in the production of ‘DVD Sensory Disability:  A Guide to Sensory Support Team Services.’ He highlighted the contribution of the Service Users involved in its production, of the Sensory Support team and of the Health and Social Care Board, all of whom supported the project.

The DVD is an educational resource for people experiencing sensory loss, for their carers and for any professionals who may encounter those affected. It includes testimonials from people who have availed of the service, emphasising how the help and support has impacted, both upon their own lives and upon their family's. Information is presented in three accessible formats, to meet everyone’s needs: Subtitled, British Sign Language and Irish Sign Language. 

The Sensory Support Service

The Sensory Support Service is comprised of a team of Social Workers, Rehabilitation Workers and Rehabilitation Assistants, who work to reduce the impact of sensory loss on people’s daily lives by supporting their independence and by focusing on their individual needs, as well as raising awareness in the community. They do this through specialist assessment and care planning, with the aim of limiting the impact that sensory impairment has on daily life.

Currently there are 10,879 people registered with the Trust who have a sensory disability.


Please click here to watch the Subtitled Sensory Support DVD

Please click here to watch the British Sign Language Sensory Support DVD

Please click here to watch the Irish Sign Language Sensory Support DVD