Theatre Building Works


Belfast HSC Trust is increasing the number of operating theatres at Belfast City Hospital. A new prefabricated modular theatre is being delivered and constructed on site from Monday 23rd October until Wednesday 25th October. There will be disruption throughout the City Hospital site during this period and we would ask the public to bear with us while we carry out this important piece of work. A full summary of closures and timings is outlined below.

Monday 23rd October

The theatre will be shipped from England to Belfast and arrives at the Docks on Monday 23rd October.
The logistics company who are delivering this have arranged the PSNI to escort them from the Docks at 7pm on Monday 23rd October to our site here at Belfast City Hospital.

The lorry will park on our site overnight on Monday 23rd October and the theatre will be craned into position on Tuesday 24th October. This will affect access to the renal unit carpark and the radiotherapy carpark from 7pm on Monday 23rd October to Tuesday morning.

To allow us to carry out these works as safely as possible we will have to close the roadway to all traffic, in both directions, between the rear of the Tower Block and Gardiner Robb toward the Renal Building. This route is planned to be closed from 5pm Monday 23rd October until 8am on Wednesday 25th October.

Tuesday 24th October

There will be a period of  disruption on Tuesday 24th October where the roadway from Lisburn Road to the front door of the renal building will be inaccessible to vehicles due to the manoeuvring of the lorry. Unfortunately this is unavoidable - we would therefore encourage anyone coming by car to use the Donegall Road entrance during this time.

We will endeavour to complete this part of the operations as quickly as is physically possible and we ask the public to leave a little extra time for travel to appointments and bear with us as this extra theatre is manoeuvred into place.

Vehicular access will be maintained from the Lisburn Road.

Pedestrian access will be maintained as much as is safely possible and access to the renal building for pedestrians will be possible.

Monday 23rd October to Wednesday 25th October

For the duration of the works from Monday 23rd October at 7pm to Wednesday 25th to 5pm there will be no vehicular access to Staff Car Parking area at Gardiner Robb, Roadway between rear of Tower Block and Gardiner Robb Building, Gardiner Robb Building front doors, Contractors Compound, through traffic from Donegall Road entrance to Lisburn Road entrance and vice versa.

Belfast Trust are liaising with colleagues in the fire service and the ambulance service, we  would like to assure the public that access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times.

We apologise to staff and patients for any inconvenience cause and would like to thank everyone for their co-operation. There will be signage instructing the public of diversions and available parking and staff from security and estates will be on hand to provide any assistance needed.