Celebrating staff at Chairman's Awards 2017


Last night saw a glittering Awards ceremony held in Belfast City Hall where the winners of the 2017 Chairman’s Awards were announced.

This year again, there were over 100 entries, reflecting the ongoing outstanding work happening across all services in Belfast Trust.

It was down to the judging panel to make the difficult decision as to the winners in each of the five categories which reflect the Trust’s objectives - safety and excellence, continuous improvement, resources, partnerships, and our people.

Belfast Trust Chairman, Peter McNaney, CBE, said. “Never doubt that what you do has a ripple effect on others and that we hold in the palms of our hands the ability to be a force for good.”




The category winners were:

Safety and Excellence
POP Package

Continuous Improvement
The Belfast Block Room
The ED Quality Improvement QIP

Children’s Eye Unit

Putting your Back into it

Our People
Creating a Positive Behaviour Support Culture in the Children with Disability Service

Going the Extra Mile
This year the award ‘Going the Extra Mile’ reflected the positive contribution a team has made to the lives of patients, service users, visitors and colleagues. The recipient this year was ‘The supPORTERS’.

The Radiotherapy Porters are an integral part of the treatment team. Having worked specifically with cancer patients for many years their experience in communicating with and transporting radiotherapy patients is unique.

Each morning, as the department opens, the Porters are often seen directing those new patients, beginning treatment, to the waiting areas. Their empathy and friendly reassuring banter is known to have alleviated the fear and dread of countless patients, and their families or carers, attending the radiotherapy department for the first time. This is demonstrated through the many thank you cards the Radiotherapy Portering Department receives. Last year alone our Porters received 80 letters and cards of appreciation from patients.

In short, they are Goodwill Ambassadors not only for the Radiotherapy Department but the Trust as a whole, living out the Trust Values as they go about their daily business.

About the prizes

The winning projects each received a silver perpetual cup, certificate and a cheque for £10,000 to reinvest in their service.

Second and third placed projects in each category received a certificate and cheque for £3,000 and £2,000 respectively, to reinvest in their service.

Over the next few weeks we will feature the category winners in the Chairman’s Awards on the Belfast Trust social media channels.

 Putting your Back into it   The Belfast Block Room   Children's Eye Unit
 ED Quality Improvement QIP  Creating a Positive Behaviour Support Culture  POP Package

     The supPORTERS