Adults with Autism


Belfast Trust is undertaking a survey of people with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) in order to find out what it is like to live as an adult with autism. This is in keeping with the DHSSPS Personal and Public Involvement Strategy, which is central to the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of services.

How to take part?

If you are an adult living with autism, we would like you to complete the questionnaire which you can find at the link below. You will be asked to describe something that you have experienced, that you think will help us to understand, what it is like to be an adult who has autism. Please do not give the names of anyone involved in your story.

You can access the questionnaire at the following link:

To help us be more aware of your perspective, we will give you a set of questions to answer, most of which are in the form of triangle options, which you will find on the sheets of paper you have been given. There are no right or wrong answers – whatever you want to tell us is fine.

Once you have told your story, it should not take long to fill in the rest of the questionnaire. If you have problems and would like help with completing this questionnaire, you can contact Gabi Mornhinweg by email on, giving your contact details. She will then be in touch with you when she is available.

What will then happen to the shared story?

All the information you provide will be kept anonymous and will not be traceable back to you. We will use the information to help us understand what living with autism is like.

Thank you for your help and support with this project.