Belfast Trust JustGiving

Did you know that Belfast Trust is now registered on the fundraising website JustGiving?  Through JustGiving, patients, service users and even staff can fundraise or donate directly to our charitable funds - the only Registered Charity that is directly managed by Belfast Trust.

All money raised in this way goes directly to delivering the best care, comfort and support to our patients and service users.

To visit the Belfast Trust JustGiving page, click here.

Why JustGiving?

As a public sector body, Belfast Trust does not actively fundraise, however we are frequently approached by members of the public who wish to fundraise or donate on our behalf.  The online platform, JustGiving, provides a quick and easy way to enable people to do so.

If you are asked by a member of the public about the possibility of fundraising for or making a donation to your service or ward, direct them to where they can create a fundraising page or donate with a few clicks.  They can also nominate which service area they would like the money to go to, so that you can be sure the money goes directly to support work in that area, the choices are as follows:

  1. Medical Specialities, 
  2. Anaesthetics, Critical Care, 
  3. General Medicine and Surgery including Dentistry,
  4. Mental Health & Learning Difficulties & Disabilities, 
  5. Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 
  6. Paediatrics, 
  7. Diagnostics & AHP,
  8. General Purpose,   
  9. Research,
  10. Oncology.

For further information please contact