Belfast Trust Leading the Way


The Belfast Trust is leading the way in Northern Ireland with the appointment of two Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Olivia Wilson and Kelly Doherty who are based at the Royal site Adult Emergency Department.

Although a very well established role across the UK, this is an exciting first for Northern Ireland.

What is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner? (ANP)

An ANP is an experienced, senior, non-medical clinician who possesses the knowledge, skill and competence to see, treat and manage patients across the age and acuity spectrum; from those attending with minor problems, through to those experiencing major life-threatening injuries or illnesses within a Consultant led team. An ANP is a non-medical prescriber and works along side a middle grade doctor.

Olivia and Kelly are nearing the end of their Masters which included modules such as:

  • The Clinical Examination Skills Module
  • Assessment (OSCE; Portfolio; Assignment)
  • Clinical Investigations and Diagnostics module
  • Assessment (OSCE; Portfolio; Assignment)
  • Critical Care Transfer Module Assessment (OSCE; Portfolio; Assignment)
  • Research Module
  • Essentials of Clinical Education
  • Professional Project

All exams are assessed by consultants in Emergency Medicine, Intensive care, Neurosurgery and Cardiology.

The Vision for the Belfast Trust

  • ANP service in Adult ED 24/7
  • Working to the level of a senior decision maker in ED.
  • Leading this service in NI.
  • Aiding to achieve better performance on government targets