Carers Week 2011


13 - 19 June

Many people living in the Belfast area are caring for a family member or friend who is ill, frail or disabled. They do so with courage and fortitude and a practical love that is prepared to put their own needs last. CARERS WEEK 2011 is a recognition and celebration of the dedication of both adult and young carers who quietly sacrifice their own time and life opportunities for the sake of others.

Carers Week Events

Belfast Trust is committed to working in partnership with carers and acknowledges that Carers needs are a priority too!

In order to celebrate the role of carers this year, there are a range of events happening to raise awareness of the role of carers and also some opportunities for carers to take time out for themselves and to enjoy being taken care of for a change!

View a list of events taking place in Belfast during Carers Week


About Carers Week

The theme for Carers Week this year is ‘The true face of caring’, which challenges us to ask the questions:

  • What is it really like to care for someone with substantial needs in 2011? 
  • What are the joys and trials? 
  • Do carers feel a tangible sense of worth that comes from giving unselfishly to meet the needs of another?
  • Or do they suffer a physical, emotional and financial strain which often adversely affects their own health and many aspects of family life?

If you would like to know more about CARERS WEEK 2011 or to find out more about help that is available for carers please contact:

Margaret McDonald (028) 9056 4937 or Lynne Calvert (028) 90636819.