Carers Week 18 to 24 June - Programme of events


Recognising and celebrating the major role carers play

Carers’ week is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the major role carer’s play in providing care and support to people who are sick, frail or disabled. During Carers Week the Trust will be providing and facilitating a number of events to promote the health and well being of carers. These events will be taking place in a variety of locations across the Trust area and will also be targeted at staff who are also carers.

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The theme this year, “In sickness and In Health” encourages us to think about how the health and well-being of carers is paramount and how unsupported care has a knock on effect on their health. Recognition by professionals, and others who impact on carers day-to-day lives, can help us make a massive difference.

Within the Belfast Trust area, 44,000 people have identified themselves as carers. However, it is also known that a significant number of people do not see themselves as carers and therefore remain hidden and without support.

For further information on Carers Week and the work of the Trust’s Carers Co-ordinators you can contact:

  • Lynne Calvert, Tel. 028 9063 6819
  • Margaret McDonald, Tel. 028 9056 4937