Chairman's Awards 2014 to 2015 Learning and Development Category


Following the recent announcement of the winners of the Belfast Trust's 2014 to 2015 Chairman’s Awards, we continue to feature each of the category winners and runners up on the Website over the next few weeks.

Today we feature the winner of the Learning and Development Category

SimBel (Simulation Belfast Trust) – Enhancing patient safety, quality of care and Patient experience.

 SimBel is an organisation within the Trust that aims to enhance patient safety, quality of care and patient experience through the development of healthcare personnel and improvement of the systems within which they work, utilising simulation based clinical education.

 The SimBel Team have highlighted recurring themes from incident reports and SAIs and developed unique and innovative simulation based training courses to address these risks.



Runners Up in the Learning and Development Category


2nd Place - Friends of the Cancer Centre (FCC) Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Development Project

Across the UK the Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) role has developed in the absence of a formalised education and development framework. Although various academic courses are available to help nurses develop such knowledge, there is no structured means of enabling them to develop the competencies and skills required to function effectively in the role. The CNS development project was developed to address this concern. The project created an 18 month structured education and development programme for 8 postholders in Oncology and Haematology, fully funded by Friends of the Cancer Centre.

Joint 3rd Place - New learning and development for Health Records Staff and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Band 2 Programme Working in Health Care VQR qualification

 The Band 2 Programme Working in Health Care was developed as a bespoke VQR qualification to provide a new opportunity learning and development for Clerical Officers working Health Records & Medical Legal Offices Trustwide. This newly accredited qualification was developed by Health Records Management and supported by Learning & Development Trainers.

Joint 3rd Place - Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

A Learning and Development Response to ensuring social work staff in adult services across Northern Ireland are supported to develop the knowledge and skills to identify and respond to abuse.

Development of an accredited (through Ulster University and NISCC) modular taught programme which supports the learning and development of social workers working in the complex and demanding arena of adult safeguarding. ​