Community Relations Week 16 - 20 June 2014


Belfast Trust will be celebrating the growing diversity of its staff, service users and the community it serves by organising a series of events to celebrate Community Relations Week, 16 – 20th June.

Staff and service users will have the opportunity to see some of the Trusts innovative initiatives aimed at promoting good relations amongst people of different religious beliefs, racial groups, and political opinions.

The initiatives will be show cased at each of the Trust Wellbeing and Treatment Centres during community relations week. Also on display at the centres will be colourful information stands highlighting the rich diversity of Northern Ireland, including symbols from different religions and cultures that have proved to be popular in the past with staff and service users.

The impact and benefits of improving equality of opportunity and access to services through staff training will be acknowledged by the provision of a number of stimulating and thought provoking training sessions throughout the week.