Could YOU provide a home for Charlie and Jason


We urgently need a foster home for two brothers in the Belfast area who would love to be able to live together.


Charlie is six years old with blond hair and blue eyes. He is a healthy little boy who goes to mainstream school. He has a good appetite; he’s not a fussy eater and he enjoys a good range of foods. Charlie has responded well to living with a family who have established routines. He is very well behaved and is not challenging to his carers. He is sociable and makes friends very easily. Charlie is chatty and inquisitive and loves to know how things work. He enjoys cartoons and loves to collect toy action figures. Charlie loves his brother Jason and would really like for them to be able to live together.


Jason is 5 years old and goes to special school. He uses a wheelchair but loves being independent and doing things for himself. Jason has a physical disability but doesn't let this get in his way. He has a cheeky sense of fun and is bright and alert. Jason is chatty and can make his needs known easily. Everyone who knows him comments on his warm personality and great memory for names. Jason is very close to his brother Charlie and would love to be able to live with him.

If you are patient, understanding and have some extra space in your home you might be able to help Charlie and Jason through a difficult time in their lives. Please call Belfast Trust fostering team on (028) 9504 0057. Visit or call 0800 0720 137 for more information.