Daisy on Tour - staying safe at Glen Community Centre!


Daisy the safety cow and poster girl for our successful SAFEtember initiative, has been inundated with invitations, and we hear that one of her favourite spots in recent weeks has been Glen Community Centre where she was asked to endorse the risk assessment system designed and used by the folks who are members of the FOCUS Club. Daisy was ‘honoured and privileged’ to see at first hand some of the safety and risk assessment work being carried out.....and as always, delighted to have her photo taken!!

The FOCUS Club is an outreach project from the Suffolk Day Centre and promotes the rights of choice, self-advocacy and citizenship for all its members, and gives adults with a learning disability the knowledge and opportunities to enable them, to plan and run their own day care provision.

The club is a constituted community group and members sit on the committee. Along with this ownership comes responsibility and as part of this role, the members are helped to learn and understand what is involved in running a community group, and part of this includes looking out for health and safety issues and completing risk assessments.

Over the last two months risk assessments for the activities on the weekly timetable have been developed and completed. These sessions included in-depth discussions about keeping safe when using the kitchen, gardening, woodwork, swimming and gym sessions, out and about in the community, road safety and stranger danger. Each individual is able to make a safety plan and put their own safeguards in place. They talk about what behaviours and actions will allow them to participate in the wide variety of activities and not come to any harm.

As the risk assessments are revisited annually, it will provide a means of building on the member’s knowledge and helping to improve their independent thinking.