Dementia Awareness Week Belfast comes first in survey


In a recent survey carried out by UK charity Friends of the Elderly, Belfast was voted the friendliest place for older people in the United Kingdom.


Cities across the UK were ranked according to factors including respect, dementia awareness, housing, facilities, safety, public transport, environment, whether residents would recommend where they live to others and its friendliness in general.

Belfast scored particularly highly in the respect and dementia categories where respondents were asked if they felt older people in their communities were valued. People in Belfast felt more satisfied with the opportunities for older people, their social inclusion and levels of awareness and access to dementia resources in their city than anywhere else in the UK.

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Dementia Services in Belfast Trust

For many people, a diagnosis of dementia can also mean a sentence of social exclusion. Outdated attitudes and ill-founded public perceptions can equate dementia with incapacity, threat and rapid decline. Belfast Trust offers a wide range of services which enable people with dementia to maintain a high level of independence and social inclusion.

Supported Housing Schemes

One such service is our Supported Housing Schemes at Mullan Mews and Sydenham Court. These supported housing schemes have radically changed the living options available to people with dementia and their families. Between them, they are home to 57 tenants with dementia who would previously have had to look to care homes as their only alternative living option. Tenants are fully involved in community activities through their inclusion in community groups, clubs and churches and also maintain regular contact with friends and families.

The two supported housing models recognise the choices that each of us makes in our own lives. Mullan Mews provides the opportunity for people with dementia to live and contribute in a shared house environment. Sydenham Court offers individual apartments. But both supported housing schemes ensure that tenants have a home of their own, their own space and their own front door which ever lifestyle they choose.

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Dementia Awareness Week 19 -25 May 2013

The Trust is taking the opportunity during Dementia Awareness Week to plan a series of events to raise awareness of dementia and in particular, the experience of people with Dementia in hospital.

We will be working in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society to create public information stands in the foyer of Belfast City Hospital and Royal Victoria Hospital throughout this week. While staff awareness sessions are also available focusing on Caring for People with Dementia in the Acute Hospital Setting.