Documentary - Nurses on the Frontline!


The women and men who nursed both Catholics and Protestants; tended to the police and army; brought gunmen and bombers back to health and dealt with both the injuries of innocent civilians and the perpetrators of the Troubles are the focus of a new documentary for BBC Northern Ireland.

They were the Nurses On the Frontline and on Monday 2 November at 9pm on BBC One Northern Ireland, the film reveals the moving and powerful story of these nurses across more than three decades of conflict in Northern Ireland.

In the late 1960s and 1970s there were many new young recruits to the profession of nursing in Northern Ireland unaware of what lay ahead for them. All too soon they came face-to-face with the horrific consequences of the violence which would become an everyday occurrence.

The film hears first-hand accounts from many nurses who dedicated their lives to this profession and tended to the injured in the wake of Bloody Sunday and Bloody Friday and nursed those in need after the Abercorn, Enniskillen, Shankill and Omagh Bombs.

Counselling, as we know it today, was unheard of then and the film reveals how the nurses supported each other through the dark times and how they learned to deal with the daily atrocities. In this film we hear of their concerns as paramilitaries and army personnel flanked the hospital grounds and how they coped with danger beyond the barricades as they performed their duties in the community often working within extraordinary circumstances.