Emergency department patient review


A review of patient notes in Belfast Trust's emergency department at the Royal Victoria Hospital has prompted the Trust to contact 105 patients for a precautionary review and check-up following concern that a small number of patients may not have been appropriately managed by a locum doctor. The period under review is from 6 May 2013 - 20 June 2013.


This is strictly a precautionary measure and our investigation to-date has not identified that any patient has come to harm. However, patient safety is our primary concern and it is for that reason we have contacted 105 people who were treated by a particular doctor. The doctor no longer works for the Trust.


Trust Medical Director Dr Tony Stevens said people should not be unduly concerned. 'We are reviewing one doctor's performance and have identified a number of people that we would like to follow-up. Those people have been contacted. I must stress that we are following-up with these patients as an additional precaution to make sure they received the best possible quality of care. This review affects a very small number of people. Over the 7-week period under review almost 10 500 people attended ED in the Royal and we are reviewing 105 patient notes. This is an example of our governance arrangements working to improve quality of care.'

Anyone contacted will be invited to attend a dedicated clinic. The Trust is also providing an advice line which will be open from 8am – 6pm from Wednesday 26 June. The telephone number is: (028) 9063 0500.