Extensive planning underway to keep health service running


Extensive planning is currently underway to keep disruption to patients and clients at a minimum during the planned public sector strike on Friday.

Arrangements have been put in place to ensure that critical services will be maintained for the duration of the industrial action on Friday 13th March.
For the duration of the industrial action cover will be provided for emergency services and activities. This will include 999 calls, some outpatients, inpatients and the most vulnerable who require care in a community setting and in Residential and Children’s homes.  There will be cancellation of non-critical planned procedures and appointments. 
While every effort will be made to maintain services as far as possible, it is likely that patients and clients may experience delays on the day. Health care providers will take steps to inform patients and clients of the impact of the industrial action, where this is necessary, however patients and clients should check with their local health care provider for information on their individual circumstances.
Contact details for the Belfast Trust can be found at on www.nidirect.gov.uk/health-and-social-care-trusts