Footage from the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast in 1938


Recognise anyone?

From diagnosis to treatment, this curious film (from the Northern Ireland Screen's Digital Film Archive) allows us to see the everyday life of the #BelfastTrust hospital and provides a glimpse into what was, at the time, the height of medical science.

(Images courtesy of The British Film Industry - BFI National Archive)

It is believed these are earliest moving images of the hospital and the film allows us to see just how radically scientific medicine has evolved in the intervening years.

The Royal Victoria Hospital has its origins in a number of successive institutions, beginning in 1797 with The #Belfast Fever Hospital and General Dispensary. Completed in 1906, the current RVH on the city's Grosvenor Road is a landmark in building engineering which claims to be the first air-conditioned public building in the world.

Despite the myriad changes that are apparent since this film was made, it is notable that the footage ends with an appeal by the Chairman of the Board of Management to reduce waiting lists.