Gearing Up for HSC Change Day


What’s it all about?

HSC Change Day is a nationwide initiative aimed at encouraging HSC staff to pledge to do something. Everyone connected to health and social care services in Northern Ireland - social workers, allied health professionals, nurses, doctors, students, pharmacists, managers, patients, dentists, and members of the public - can make a pledge to change for the better.

When is it?

HSC Change Day is 11 March 2015. Very much a social media initiative, Belfast Trust will be encouraging staff to make their pledges and we will promote them on the Hub, social media, and Belfast Trust’s website, along with what else is happening across the Trust on HSC Change Day. What this space for more details, but in the meantime, why not go to HSC Change Day website, Facebook page or follow them on Twitter and pick up a few ideas.

Photo: Trust Executive Team

What about Executive Team?

In order to see at first hand the daily pressures our staff are under Executive Team will each do someone else’s job on Change Day. The plan is to get away from the office and go back out into the service and they want you to decide where!

What next?

There will be more about HSC Change Day over the coming weeks and much more about how you can get involved. Watch this space for more don’t forget to check out the HSC Change Day website!

Or if you want to make a pledge now visit