Good Relations Strategy Launch on Wednesday 22 May 2013


Belfast Health & Social Care Trust is first Trust in Northern Ireland to produce a Good Relations Strategy.


On Wednesday 22 May, to mark Community Relations week, our Trust will launch its first Good Relations Strategy entitled ‘Healthy Relations for a Healthy Future’.


As the largest employer in Northern Ireland and a very sizeable Trust providing integrated health and social care, we are keen to lead by example and are in fact the first Trust in Northern Ireland to produce such a strategy.

The Strategy outlines the Trust’s commitment to embracing diversity, promoting Good Relations and challenging sectarianism and racism to ensure that both our service users and our staff enjoy equality of opportunity and access to health and social care in a welcoming and safe environment.

The Good Relations Strategy, which was developed in consultation with a broad range of stakeholders, including; Chaplains, Trade Unions, Community Relations Council and community groups, affirms the importance that the Trust places on Good Relations.

Prior to the development of the strategy, a survey was conducted with a range of service users and staff to ascertain their perspective in terms of good relations in the Trust. Here is a snapshot of some of the findings:

Service Users Staff​ 


  • 96% are comfortable using any of the Trust premises
  • 98% said they are treated well irrespective of their race, nationality, religion or political opinion.
  • 92%, did not feel their race affected how they were treated as an employee
  • 90% would feel confident to raise an issue in regard to race, religion or political opinion

 “Belfast Trust should not tolerate any terms of language which could be deemed as sectarian”

 “Keep the public more informed when services are being moved”


“It is not always about neutralising a space it is about how the Trust taps into local initiatives that promote Good Relations”.


Speaking in advance of the launch, Chief Executive of Belfast Health & Social Care Trust, Colm Donaghy, said: “I am delighted that Belfast Health & Social Care Trust is launching its Good Relations Strategy - ‘Healthy Relations for a Healthy Future’ – it further consolidates our strategic commitment to our statutory Equality responsibilities and is intrinsically linked with our overall purpose to improve health and well-being and to reduce inequalities. I would thank the community and other key stakeholders who worked in partnership to help make the strategy meaningful and relevant.”

If you would like to come to the launch in Seminar Room 3 of the Cancer Centre, please register your attendance with Lesley Jamieson and advise of any specific requirements in terms of communication, diet or access.  Telephone (028) 9504 8734.

Alternatively if you would like a copy of the strategy or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact Orla Barron, Health and Social Inequalities Manager Telephone (028) 9504 6567.