Health Minister launches consultation on Transforming Your Care


Health Minister Edwin Poots has urged everyone in Northern Ireland to have their say on the future delivery of health and social care services.


The Minister said: “The proposals in Transforming Your Care present a vision of a new model of care which is focused on ensuring that more services are provided in the community, closer to people’s homes where possible. It is about prevention, earlier interventions, promoting health and well-being and having more personalised care that is planned and delivered around the needs of the individual and tailored as far as possible to suit them.


“We have a growing and ageing population. The treatment and care of citizens is also changing. We have increasingly specialised services with technology driving many improvements in the design and delivery of care. Changing how our services are provided is inevitable. I want to ensure that change is planned and managed.”

The Minister was clear that the changes being proposed were not about cost cutting but were about improving service delivery and making better use of resources.

He expected the anticipated small reduction in the number of staff employed by the HSC could be managed without the need for compulsory redundancies.

Mr Poots outlined the key proposals which would bring about changes in how health and social care was delivered:

  • primary care
  • use of new technology
  • statutory residential homes 
  • mental health services 
  • acute services
  • maternity care
  • palliative care.

Following this consultation exercise, if it is concluded that specific major changes in services should be progressed then further public consultation would be undertaken specifically on those changes.

Mr Poots said it was vital that as many people as possible take the opportunity to have their views heard. He said: “This consultation exercise seeks your views - as patients, clients, service users, service providers and citizens. We will aim to ensure that everyone is informed and involved in this process. There will be a series of public engagement events and I have agreed that an information leaflet should be provided for every household to advise on how to get involved in the consultation process. I would therefore encourage you to engage with this important consultation, let us know your views, and be part of the delivery of change. We have a real opportunity now, one that doesn’t come along too often, to reshape our system.”

The consultation document, Transforming Your Care: From Vision to Actions, can be viewed at

The Minister’s speech in full can be viewed at