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In a collaborative approach, the Health & Social Care Board (HSC), Public Health Agency (PHA), Patient Client Council (PCC) and five Health Trusts are working together to build a single One-stop Shop public-facing website for citizens of Northern Ireland which will include information on all Health and Social Care services.

This website will hold accredited information on a wide range of health topics including preventative and self-management advice, service locator, standards to expect when receiving care, complaints information, contact information, links to Community, voluntary groups and support groups.

We want hear what you think about the concept of a single website for all of your health needs - What would you like this website to include? And how should we present this information? This is your opportunity as service users to shape this exciting new initiative.

Please come along to the citizen engagement workshop

When:    Tuesday 29 April 2014

Where:   Grosvenor Hall, Belfast Central Mission, 5 Glengall St, Belfast

Time:     The Workshop will commence at 12:30pm (lunch provided) and conclude at 4.30pm.

To register for this workshop by go to  or ring 0800 917 0222 (Patient and Client Council).

Relevant Documents

Citizens Workshop - Communication Plan

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