Home for lunch


No one likes being in hospital any longer than necessary. That’s why, if you are a patient in one of our hospitals, planning for your discharge begins as soon as you come into our hospital.

Our new ‘home for lunch’ campaign is designed to help patients, together with their relatives and carers, understand the discharge process once treatment is complete, and ensure that they are fully involved in planning towards a prompt discharge.

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SAFER Care Bundle promotes timely discharge for our patients

'Home for lunch' through timely discharge is only one part of the patient journey, and over the past year we have been examining what delays our adult patients leaving hospital following an inpatient stay.

We talked to patients and staff through workshops, questionnaires and visiting all wards as well as reviewing the data that is captured during a patient’s stay in hospital. This led the group to adopt the SAFER Patient Flow Care Bundle (NHS England); a set of clear rules that if followed routinely will help improve patient flow, patient experience and reduce length of stay across adult inpatient wards in acute hospitals, also promoting timely discharge for our patients.

By adopting the SAFER Care Bundle we are focusing on ensuring that everything is in place for a safe and timely return to our patient’s place of discharge and that ‘Home for Lunch’ on the day of discharge, where possible and appropriate, will be realised.