Living Life to the Full Campaign


The Trust is working closely with organisations across Belfast in the Belfast Strategic Partnership to launch 'Living Life to the Full', a campaign showing the many varied ways in which older people contribute to the life of the city of Belfast. 

Over 40,000 people in Belfast identify themselves as carers, and a significant number of carers are older people.

Recognising the key role that many older people play in caring for others is one of the key elements of the 'Living Life to the Full' campaign, which aims to demonstrate how:

  • Working - older people are passing on their skills and contributing to the workplace
  • Volunteering – by giving their time and skills, older people are helping others in society and in their local communities
  • Caring – older people play a key role in helping their loved ones, relatives and friends to live dignified and independent lives
  • Providing Childcare - many older people are providing regular help with childcare

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Age Friendly Research

The campaign is a result of research carried out by Age-friendly Belfast in 2013, which found that respect for and inclusion of older people was consistently prioritised as the area that needed most improvement in order for Belfast to become an age-friendly city. It also found that:

  • 31% of older people thought that the recognition of older people’s contribution to the community was poor or very poor
  • only 16% of older people thought that the public image of older people in Belfast was good or excellent.

The campaign seeks to address these concerns by raising awareness of the many and varied ways in which older people in Belfast contribute to our city. It shows older people in Belfast who are working, volunteering, providing care and taking part in community life.

Age Friendly Charter

Also at the campaign launch, Iain Deboys, Chair of the Belfast Local Commissioning Group, encouraged Belfast organisations to sign-up to the Age-friendly Charter - to help make it easier for older people to use services across Belfast. “We feel the charter will support our Living Life to the Full Campaign and I would encourage all organisations to sign up now and help to make Belfast a city were older people live life to the full.”

Look out for more information appearing across Belfast this Spring on buses, billboards, online and on radio.

Further information on the campaign and the Charter is available at: