Medical HR and Payroll

The information contained on these pages will help ensure that the essential Medical HR requirements around the commencement of your employment with the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust are understood, and that all roles and responsibilities are adhered to in order to ensure a smooth transition into employment.

Please read these pages carefully and ensure that you complete and return the Medical HR checklist, along with all new start forms and associated documentation, within the required time-frame. To support the efficient processing of your HR/Payroll record you are asked to ensure that all required documentation is submitted together. Your record cannot be activated until all paperwork has been returned.

All the information you require is also contained in this document:

Junior Doctors Guide to Commencement

All listed forms and associated paperwork must be returned as follows:

Trainees with confirmed posts must fully complete signing on processes by Friday 15 January 2016.  Papers submitted by 15th January will be processed by 28th January 2016 and staff will be issued with Staff numbers at the Welcome Event on 28 January 2016.

The absolute deadline to ensure entry onto February Payroll is Friday 15 January 2016.

Unfortunately if you do not adhere to this deadline we CANNOT GUARANTEE the following:

  1. That your details will be input onto HR and Payroll Systems by February's close-down for Salaries – THEREFORE YOU WILL NOT BE PAID IN FEBRUARY.

If this applies to you please contact your bank to make arrangements for the provision of any direct debits paid from your account during February/March. The Belfast HSC Trust will not accept responsibility as adequate notice has been given for the return of all forms

2. The issue of your Staff Number on commencement
3. The issue of your ID/Security Pass
4. The issue of a Car Parking Pass (your Staff Number is required for this).

If you have not attended a pre-employment health assessment please contact Medical HR as a matter of urgency.

The BHSCT Occupational Health Department may be contacted at (028) 9504 0401.

Forms that need to be completed and returned:

1.   Junior Doctors Guide to Commencement 
2.   Instructions re the Completion of Belfast HSC Trust New Start Forms
3.   Medical HR Checklist
4.   Personal Information Form
5.   Appendix 1 Documentation Required to Live and Work in the UK
6.   Personal Declaration re Fitness to Practise
7.   BHSCT Mandatory Training Guidance 
8.   Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form
9.   Bankers Automated Clearance Form
10. P46 Form  
11. Application Form to join HSC Pension Scheme
12. Application Form to leave HSC Pension Scheme 
13. Less Than Full Time Training New Start & Existing Trainees Information Required 
14. Changes are coming to your HR and Payroll record
15. Welcome Event 28 January 2016      


Please complete the Medical HR checklist and return with all forms and associated paperwork to:  

Medical Human Resources Department
4th Floor
McKinney House
Musgrave Park Hospital
Stockman’s Lane

Please ensure that adequate postage is applied.  Insufficient postage will result in delayed receipt of your documentation.