Memory Clinic - Belfast City Hospital


Congratulations to Mary McGrath , Advanced Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist in the Belfast Trust on having a research report published by the Health Foundation. 


The report looks at the work of the Memory Clinic of Belfast City Hospital and specifically focuses on promoting safety in the home. It discusses a combination of the memory drugs and a home-based Memory Rehabilitation Programme which is offered to many people diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other dementias.


(Pictured: Anita Harron, Speech & Language Therapist, Felicity Dickson, Physiotherapist and Mary McGrath Advanced Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist). 

The Memory rehabilitation programme is an evidence based, occupational therapist-led, six week customised programme which takes place in the person’s own home with a designated caregiver, where possible. It aims to teach the person to compensate for their memory deficits and includes minor adaptations to the home environment to support these strategies.

These strategies serve as external cues providing a high degree of memory retrieval support, or as cueing devices for carrying out routine daily tasks.

The overall aim is for service users to live independently at home and to improve patient safety by teaching people strategies to compensate for their everyday memory difficulties whilst maintaining independence and reducing caregiver burden.

The article published by the Health Foundation recognises the hard work and dedication of the team at the Memory Clinic of the Belfast City Hospital.

Mary McGrath talking about the report stated, “A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is not the bad news it used to be. Now, by combining the memory drugs and the home-based Memory Rehabilitation Programme, many people can continue to lead independent lives for a considerable length of time.”

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