National Award for Macmillan Information Support Centre


The Macmillan Information Service based at the Royal Hospitals in Belfast, a drop-in service offering support and a comprehensive range of information on all aspects of cancer to people in Northern Ireland recently celebrated their 2 year anniversary has been presented with the Macmillan Quality Environment Mark (MQEM) – a prestigious national award, in recognition of the tremendous work at the Centre.


The centre, a partnership between Macmillan Cancer Support and our Trust opened its doors in October 2010 and in the past two years over 2,000 people visited the centre including patients, carers, family and friends. The success of the centre lies in improving the lives of people affected by cancer and in a recent survey 100% of people who used the centre said they would definitely recommend it to others.


Pictured: (Back) Caroline Leonard and Lawrence Black (Front) Paula Kealey and Angela Small

Working closely with health and social care professionals at the Royal Hospitals and the Trust, the service has significantly increased access to cancer information and support for both inpatients and outpatients. Widespread distribution of resources to our stakeholders has improved access to cancer information.


About the Award

The award, the first of its kind in the UK, recognises and rewards good practice and high standards within the physical environment of a cancer care building. The Macmillan Information Service at Royal Hospitals is amongst only 3 sites in Northern Ireland to be given the award.

Angela Small, Manager of the Macmillan Information & Support Centre said: “On behalf of the service I’m delighted to receive this prestigious award which celebrates and recognises excellence in cancer care environments. People affected by cancer deserve nothing less than high standards of information and support in an environment that is conducive to meeting their needs”.

Paula Kealey, Macmillan Senior Development Manager said: “The Macmillan Information Service at the Royal Hospitals has had a tremendous impact over the past two years to help the support and information needs of people affected by cancer attending the Royal Hospitals as well as outreaching to local community venues. The Macmillan Information and Support Manager also provide support and training to staff who work with cancer patients”.

The Macmillan Quality Environment Mark will help to ensure that people affected by cancer are treated and supported in physical environments of uniformly high quality. The scheme is open to any healthcare providers from the public, voluntary or private sectors that operate cancer care buildings. Organisations can apply to be assessed for the Macmillan Quality Environment Mark via