Neurology Team Runners up at 2016 BMJ Awards


The Paediatric Neurodisability team have received a runner up place in the 2016 BMJ awards, Neurology Team of the Year for the new Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) service delivered from Royal Belfast Hosptial Sick Children (RBHSC) and Musgrave Park Hospital (MPH).

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the commonest cause of childhood disability affecting 2-3/1000 live births. This may result in pain, disrupted sleep, limitations in activities of daily living, speech and mobility. In 2011 clinicians, led by Dr Claire Lundy, in the BHSCT set up a pilot MDT service to assess the needs of children with CP in Northern Ireland. The aims were to assess the physical challenges faced by this population, develop clinician’s expertise and empower children and their families.

Since 2011 the Team has worked alongside families suffering from this condition and commissioners to ensure recurrent funding is available to deliver an excellent MDT assessment and treatment service for this group of children. The team have benchmarked this work with colleagues working in quaternary services in England such as Evelina London. This new MDT service has sought to empower children, their families and clinicians using a cost-effective model. The success of the model developed by this MDT has also attracted approaches from other centres who would like to apply a similar approach. This runner up award in BMJ awards is recognition that the paediatric Neurodisability service has made a real difference to children’s lives in NI in the last number of years. Well done!

Picture Caption:

Paediatric Neurodisability MDT Left to right: Pauline Hegarty (Nurse Specialist), Dr Bronagh McDowell (Physiotherapist), Dr Claire Lundy (Consultant in Neurodisability), Julia Maskery (Occupational Therapist), Margaret Lewis (Physiotherapist), Ms Elaine Robinson (Orthopaedic Surgeon), Melanie Douglas (Physiotherapist) and Tina Weston (Physiotherapist).