New Emergency Department - RVH


The new Emergency Department at the Royal Victoria Hospital opens today, 19 August 2015 at 8.00am and will provide emergency care to the population of Belfast and beyond. As part of the development of the Critical Care Building, the Emergency Department will be the first department to become operational. It will continue to be the Regional Trauma Centre of Northern Ireland.

The Critical care building when complete will include theatres, High Dependency Unit and the Regional Intensive Care Unit. These services will be phased in over the next year. The total cost is £152m and the footprint of the new build is 29,500 sqm which is 30% more space than the current ED.

The new emergency department will include dedicated larger ambulance arrival/receiving area, an additional resuscitation bay, a much larger waiting area and larger cubicles. A significant amount of work has been undertaken to streamline the systems and processes through the department, which will improve overall patient experience.

Access to the Critical Care Building

The Critical Care building is situated between the ENT building Royal Victoria Hospital. Access to the department for the public will be via Johnston Road, to the left of the current main Royal Victoria Hospital building. The area outside the department will be a drop off zone only. The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service will access the department from the Falls Road through a dedicated blue light route. There will be no pedestrian or public access to the department from the Falls Road.

The public are reminded that they should use the new ED appropriately and only attend there with complaints which cannot be addressed by their local pharmacist or GP surgery.

Patients presenting to the Emergency Department after 8am on 19 August should go directly to the new department. Any patient who is in the old department will receive their treatment and be discharged from the old department or be admitted to a ward-they will not be transferred to the new ED.