New Out Patient Appointment Reminder and Confirmation Service


In order to reduce the number of missed outpatient appointments (10.9% in 11/12), the Belfast Trust will be introducing an appointment reminder/confirmation service. This is now being piloted in Dermatology Outpatients over the next 4 to 6 weeks and will then be gradually rolled out to other areas.

By providing reminders to our patients of forthcoming appointments this will reduce the number of missed appointments and allow patients to re-schedule to a convenient time.

Reminders will be made using an automated telephone call or text message.

When a call is made, the person answering will be asked to confirm who they are before giving the appointment details. They can then press the appropriate button on their telephone keypad to confirm, cancel or rearrange their appointment.

The cost of the reminders is insignificant compared to the amount of money wasted by missed appointments.

We would hope patients welcome this service. However, if they prefer not to be reminded about your appointment, they can opt out at anytime by informing the receptionist or one of our Appointments Centres.

If you have a query about out patient appointments, please contact the Appointment Centre at the appropriate hospital.