Northern Ireland New Entrant Service (NINES) is awarded Team of the Year


The Northern Ireland New Entrant Service (NINES) based at the Trust's Maureen Sheehan Centre, have been awarded the Community Practitioner Team of the Year at the recent Community Practitioner Health Visiting Association (CPHVA) Awards 2015.

The Northern Ireland New Entrant Service (NINES) project was set up in 2012 to provide a regional, holistic service to support the health and social well-being of new immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees entering Northern Ireland.

Pictured (Right to Left): Catherine Doherty, Kathleen Mulholland, Ciara Mulhern, Mary Quinn

Since its introduction the team have sought to provide outstanding care for Black, Minority, Ethnic and asylum seeking groups and this has allowed for the expansion and enhancement of existing TB screening services within Belfast Trust including:

  • a comprehensive health assessment
  • health promotion
  • immunisations services and
  • screening for communicable diseases.

A client held passport has been developed in 5 languages to enhance communication between primary and secondary care. Direct referrals have been established by NINES for clients to attend GUM/Hepatology.
Referral pathways for respiratory clinics have been established which allows for the fast tracking of NINES clients for chest x-ray to help in the early detection of TB.

NINES was honoured to receive the award of Team of the Year. This recognises the hard work and dedication of the staff team but also highlights the need for a unique service that seeks to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable clients groups whilst seeking to validate the contribution that BME clients can offer to enhance a culturally rich and diverse Northern Ireland.