Occupational Health for Doctors in Training

Occupational Health clearance is an essential requirement before you are able to commence employment. You should have attended a Pre-employment Employment Health Assessment upon entry to the training programme.

If you are unsure about whether or not you have Occupational Health clearance you should contact NIMDTA’s HR Department where central records of trainees’ pre-employment checks are retained.

You will not be permitted to take up your post until Trust Medical HR receives confirmation from NIMDTA of your pre-employment health clearance. NIMDTA provide each Trust with confirmation that pre-employment checks have been completed.  Therefore, unless you are unsure of your attendance at Occupations Health you do not need to contact NIMDTA.

If A Pre-Employment Health Assessment is a Requirement

If you have not attended a pre-employment health assessment please contact Trust Medical HR as a matter of urgency as you will not be allowed to take up post until OH clearance has been confirmed.

When attending Occupational Health Services for your Pre-Employment Health Assessment you must comply with the following mandatory requirements.

Before Your Appointment

Please click on the following links for further information regarding Occupational Health Services:

Booking Your Appointment

For all general Occupational Health enquiries, please contact reception on 028 9504 0401. If you are a Doctor in training and require an appointment for a pre-employment health assessment please contact Michael Killen on 028 9504 5489.

Pre-employment Health Appointments must be booked a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of the expected start date of your employment.

If exceptional circumstances prevent you from meeting this deadline you must discuss urgently with both Medical HR and your Clinical Manager as you may not be cleared on time to take up employment in your rotational post.

When Attending your Appointment

When attending Occupational Health Services you must produce the following:

  1. Original Photographic Identification
  2. Any Previous Screening/Vaccination Details
  3. A fully completed Pre-Employment Health Questionnaire.

Please click on the link to download - Pre-employment Health Assessment Questionnaire

Please note that BHSCT Occupational Health Services provides pre-employment screening for all Trusts. Therefore you must inform Occupational Health Services of the name of the Trust to which you have been allocated.

After Your Appointment

Please note that you will not receive immediate Occupational Health Clearance.

Clearance can take several weeks to progress as it may be necessary to await confirmation of screening and/or other reports, depending on individual assessments and the potential for follow up checks if required.

It is for this reason that you must book your appointment at least 4 weeks in advance of your proposed start date.

Once clearance has been confirmed Occupational Health Services will inform NIMDTA in writing of your fitness to take up post. NIMDTA will then inform Trust Medical HR staff at which point your start date will be confirmed.