Our People Award

Projects in the Our People category reflect the excellence in the services delivered through the efforts of a skilled, committed and engaged workforce.

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) staff provide a high level of excellence in the services they deliver through the efforts of a relatively small dedicated, skilled, committed and engaged team. This is a multidisciplinary team whose roles traverse strategic and operational service delivery across primary and secondary care boundaries.

The main purpose of the team is to provide leadership, education and specialist guidance to all Trust staff with the aim of protecting patients, staff, and visitors from hazards relating to microbiological agents. In particular, to support the Trust in delivering a year-on-year reduction of the DHSSPSNI targets for Clostridium difficile infection and MRSA bacteraemias.

In the lifespan of the Belfast Trust a 60% reduction in both these target organisms has been seen. In the current year (2013/14) the Trust is in line to outperform the targets set and currently is the only Trust in Northern Ireland in line to achieve this.

The IPC team provides a valuable front-of-house specialist advisory service that is pivotal to patient and staff safety and is one that can demonstrate on-going improvements in standards of care. In addition, through preventing infections and outbreaks and leading on the implementation of improvement methodologies, cost savings are evident, through bed days saved and value-added patient outcomes.


Pictured are the winners of the Our People category ‘Leading the Challenge of Infection Prevention’. The category reflects the excellence of services delivered through the efforts of a skilled, committed and engaged workforce.