Supported Living: Lila's story

Lila Thompson moved into an apartment at Sydenham Court last November after her husband died. Diagnosed about 2 years ago with vascular dementia, Sydenham Court gives Lila the support she needs to continue living an independent life in the heart of the community.

Lila tells her story.

At first I was apprehensive about moving out of my house and living somewhere new. It was a bit of an upheaval because I had lived in my last house for over 18 years, but once I got here and met all the nice people, I felt so much happier.

It really is marvelous, and everybody helps me so much. I have my own flat, with my own front door, which means I can choose to stay in, or call round to other tennants for a chat and a cup of tea. I used to be quite shy and scared to talk to people, but living here I have made a whole lot of new friends.

Having my own flat, I can just get on with life, though there is 24 hour help if I need it. Sometimes I get a bit confused, but the support worker calls in each day to make sure I take the right tablets and everything, and I can chat to them if there is anything I am worried about.

Living here, I’m still able to get out and about when I want to. I can get a bit dizzy sometimes, so I don’t go out on my own, but there is always someone about to go with me, whether it is up to the shops or round to the community centre. Last week I was even doing some line dancing at the local church! I love that sort of thing – it brings back lots of happy memories of going to the dance halls in town.

Even if I don’t go out, there is lots going on here – each week an aromatherapist comes in to do head and neck massages just like in a posh spa!, and of course we have a luncheon club on Wednesdays which puts on a great spread.

I have already got myself a sun lounger, and all my hanging baskets – so when the good weather comes I’m looking forward to sitting out in the garden and enjoying the flowers.

I am so content here, I really wouldn’t want to go back to living in my house.

Supported Housing for People with Dementia

Sydenham Court has 22 single and 3 double apartments catering specifically for people with dementia.
Supported Housing aims to ensure that each tenant has an opportunity to live as independently as possible within a carefully designed environment where risks are identified and minimised.

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Vascular dementia is the second most common form of dementia after Alzheimer's disease.
People with dementia commonly experience problems with memory and the skills needed to carry out everyday activities.