Permanent Secretary visits Renal Unit


Mr Richard Pengelly, Permanent Secretary, DHSSPSNI, recently visited the Renal Unit based at Belfast City Hospital to congratulate the transplant team on the record five Kidney Transplants which took place recently in less than 24 hours. 

During his visit the Permanent Secretary was given a tour of the Renal Unit and had the opportunity to meet members of the multi-disciplinary clinical team, and hear about the live donor transplant programme. Mr Pengelly also met with a recent kidney recipient who told the permanent secretary his story.  

In Northern Ireland there are more than 800 people dependent on regular dialysis treatment to stay alive. 700 of these receive dialysis regularly at hospital with the other 110 on home-based dialysis.

A kidney transplant is an excellent treatment for renal failure in that the patient will live longer with a transplant than on dialysis, and will also have a much better quality of life.