Public Appointments Belfast Trust Non-Executive


The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety is seeking to appoint seven non-executive directors to the Belfast HSC Trust (BHSCT):- one with specific financial experience; one representative of Queen’s University Belfast (QUB); and one representative of the Mater Hospital Trustees.

Five non-executive directors are to be appointed with immediate effect (including the director who has specific financial experience and the representative of the Mater Hospital Trustees) and two non-executive directors with effect from 1st April 2016 (to include the QUB representative).

The BHSCT is one of five HSC Trusts established in 2007 responsible for the delivery of responsive and effective health and care services and for the ownership and management of hospitals and other establishments and facilities. Each HSC Trust in Northern Ireland is managed directly by a Board of Directors which has corporate responsibility for its operation. The Board is made up of five executive directors and seven non-executive directors and a non-executive chair. Executive directors and non-executive directors are full and equal members of the Board.

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