Reducing the Trust's Carbon Footprint - Renewable Heat


One of the key priorities in the Trust’s ‘Not Just Health’ Strategy is to reduce our carbon footprint and prepare to deal with the impact of climate change on health.

Biomass Heating

Biomass (or wood pellet) is classed as a renewable/carbon-neutral fuel since the trees which provide the fuel are replaced. The Trust has now installed biomass-fuelled boilers in 9 facilities to provide space heating and hot water in the same way as a conventional oil or gas boiler.

The new biomass boiler cabin at Valencia Villa Knockbracken. This is one of six cabins installed in Autumn 2013 providing over 360kW of renewable heat power to Trust facilities.


Did YOU know?

The ash from biomass boilers can be used as fertiliser. Biomass boilers are installed at:

  • 57 Somerton Road
  • Suffolk Day Centre
  • Beersbridge Day Centre
  • College Park Avenue
  • Knockbracken Clare
  • Knockbracken Valencia
  • Shankill Health & Well-Being Centre
  • Beech Hall Health & Well-Being Centre

Biomass delivers significant cost and carbon savings compared to oil or gas.