Regional Scoliosis Service


With further development of the regional scoliosis service a need for 2 new Rizzer type frames, (used for casting scoliosis patients for spinal jackets and braces), was identified.

Medical Physics Department were asked to look at the possibility of developing an internal solution. Following discussion among the team, Kieran Fitzpatrick MPH Outpatients, Craig Gill and Cyril Mitchell SMTOs; came up with the idea of creating and manufacturing the frame from scratch and delivered 2 new Rizzer type frames.

The innovative solution resulted in an approximate saving in excess of 30K to Belfast Trust and it will also benefit and improve the treatment of many patients.

Mr Aidan Dawson stated “This was an important and creative solution to a problem one that will benefit patients for many years to come.”

Pictured: Cyril Mitchell, Aidan Dawson, Ken Gallagher, Kieran Fitzpatrick, Niall Eames, Craig Gill

Rizzer Type Frame

A Rizzer type frame is a specialist piece of equipment used for casting scoliosis patients for spinal jackets and braces. Despite lengthy searches it was proving almost impossible to source a frame which would meet all the current requirements. A similar frame could be sources from the USA, but had some limitations of use and would not meet all expectations.

Information about Scoliosis

Scoliosis is the abnormal curvature of the spine to the sides. It does not usually cause noticeable symptoms in children other than affecting the appearance of the back. Physical signs of scoliosis may include:

  • a visibly curved spine
  • one shoulder or hip being more prominent than the other
  • clothes not hanging properly
  • a tendency to lean to one side

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