Research and Development

Research to improve patient care is an integral and important part of the work of the Belfast Trust.

The Research Office is responsible for managing all research which involves patients or staff across the Belfast Trust.  This includes trials of new medicines or devices, studies which try to understand the biology of disease, and studies which aim to understand and improve patient experience of care within the Trust.  All research in the Trust is reviewed and approved by an independent research ethics committee, and is conducted in line with national guidelines from regulatory bodies.

Access to research within the Trust is normally by invitation from researchers.  Patients and staff may be invited to take part in a research study if they meet the criteria required by the researchers.  Participation in a research study is entirely voluntary, and if a patient does not wish to do so normal clinical care is not effected in any way.

Nursing Research & Development

With an established Nursing R&D team, the Trust recognises that  research and development is a key aspect of Nursing and Midwifery.  

The role of the Nursing R&D Team is to ensure that nurses and midwives wishing to undertake research are provided with the necessary support, facilities and training to underpin their activities and work in an environment in which they can develop their research skills.

A variety of different strategies are used, which are incorporated into a supportive framework, which focuses on support for individuals, support for groups of staff and support to the organisation. The Team are also involved in collaborative projects that focus on a range of issues.