Right Treatment, Right Place

A Consultation on a Proposal to Reorganise the Delivery of Acute Services in Belfast

5 July - 31 October 2010
We want our hospitals to provide safe, efficient, high quality care that meets patients’ needs. This means looking at how we can reshape our services to offer higher standards of care.

When the Trust was formed in 2007 it merged four acute Trusts providing adult acute services in different parts of Belfast and, as a consequence, some services are replicated across two or three sites – Belfast City Hospital, The Royal Group of Hospitals, Mater Hospital and Musgrave Park Hospital, resulting in a duplicated service for patients and fragmentation of staff skills and expertise. We now want to look at these areas where we are duplicating effort or have an opportunity to work more effectively on behalf of service users.   

We have some ideas about how this can be done, but any changes we make will only happen after we have listened to everyone’s views. View the consultation documents now.

Consultation Documents

The 8 consultation documents are listed below, along with an overarching summary consultation document.  To read a consultation click on the document title.  You can then use the comment button to the right of each document to email us your comments. You may also submit your comments in writing to the address below.

Alternatively if you would like a paper copy of any of the documents, then contact our Public Liaison Service

Summary Document

Consultation Closing Date Your views
Right Treatment, Right Place - Summary Document 31 October 2010 comment
Easy Read Version - Summary Document 31 October 2010 comment
Right Treatment, Right Place - Response to the Consultation December 2010  

Specialty Areas

Consultation Closing Date Your views
Rheumatology and Dermatology  31 October 2010 comment
ENT 31 October 2010 comment
General Surgery 31 October 2010 comment
Gynaecology 31 October 2010 comment
Urology 31 October 2010 comment
Vascular Surgery 31 October 2010 comment
Cardiology 31 October 2010 comment
Ophthalmology 31 October 2010 comment

EQIA Reports

Report Closing Date
Rheumatology and Dermatology  31 October 2010
ENT 31 October 2010
General Surgery 31 October 2010
Gynaecology 31 October 2010
Urology 31 October 2010
Vascular Surgery 31 October 2010
Cardiology 31 October 2010
Ophthalmology 31 October 2010

About the consultation documents

The consultation documents listed above outline proposals to reshape a number of acute service specialty areas. They detail how these service proposals would impact on the existing hospitals for patients, families, carers and visitors, as well as the staff who work on and between these sites.

Above all, we want to ensure patients get the best treatment possible, by the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Please take the time to read these documents and let us know your views before 31 October 2010.

We remain committed to making improvements and delivering the type of service you expect.
Help us to get it right.

Your invitation to comment

If you would like to send us your comments in writing, please tell us your name and address at the beginning of your reply.  If you are commenting on behalf of an organisation, please tell us it's name and what it does.  If you have consulted other people or organisations, please let us know.

Responses in writing should be sent to:

William McKee, Chief Executive
Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
c/o Public Liaison Services
Communications Department
1st Floor, Nore Villa
Knockbracken Healthcare Park
Saintfield Road
Belfast BT8 8BH

Comments may also be emailed using the comment buttons next to each consultation document.

Information about confidentiality of consultation responses