Speech & Language Therapy wins national award for DVD


A unique project involving service users bagged one of the top prize at this year’s Patient Safety and Care Awards in London.

Belfast Trust Speech & Language Therapist Angela Crocker working with service user, John, and the Learning Disability Team won this prestigious award under the category Preventing Avoidable Harm, by developing a DVD called ‘Help stop Choking.’

Presenting the award, the judges commended Angela and John on the uniqueness of the project, which was the only one to include a service user and they referenced the huge impact the DVD could make by preventing avoidable deaths by choking. The judges said that this DVD should be used by all Learning Disability services across the UK as core training and awareness raising for both staff and service users.


About the DVD

Angela worked with John, and the Learning Disability Team in the Trust to develop the ‘Help stop Choking’ DVD. ‘Help stop Choking’ an accessible DVD based on a service user’s experience to help increase awareness of choking, promote safe eating strategies and reduce avoidable mortality and adverse harm effects from choking. John hopes that by sharing his story it will help to improve service user experience and help other people reduce their risk of choking.

Choking has been identified by the National Patient Safety Agency as one of the leading causes of preventable death in people with learning disability. The DVD could also be useful in other services including Dementia care where the risk of choking is significantly higher