The Trust Vision

Our Purpose

To improve health and wellbeing and reduce health and social inequalities.

Our Vision

To continuously improve health and social care delivery and foster innovation in pursuit of this goal. We will seek to achieve the right balance between providing more health and social care in, or closer to, people’s homes and supporting the specialist delivery of acute care, thereby delivering positive outcomes for the people who use our services.

Alongside the Trust Vision, The Corporate Plan outlines the strategic direction for Belfast Health and Social Care Trust for 2013 - 2016. It sets out how our services will change and develop to ensure they meet the health and social care needs of the population of Belfast, Castlereagh and across Northern Ireland.

Our Guiding Principles are integral to how we will deliver and develop our services:

  • We will provide safe, high quality person-centered and compassionate care, ensuring the best possible experience for all the people who use our services
  • We will promote wellbeing and early intervention
  • We will continuously improve, through integration and partnership working, our delivery of accessible and effective services
  • We will innovate to drive improvement in services, translating research into practice and using proven technology to secure positive outcomes for people who use our services
  • We will ensure our people have the appropriate knowledge, skills and attributes to deliver a high quality, person centred service in a Trust which is a good place to work, train and learn
  • We will make a real difference to the impact of health and social inequalities on the lives of local people through our leadership and advocacy, in partnership with local communities
  • We will continue to recognise and value the role and contribution of carers and families to our services
  • We will achieve efficiency, effectiveness and equity across all our resources (our staff, our services and our facilities) and look after our environment for the future.