Theatre Complex - Recruitment Open Day


Belfast Trust hosted a Recruitment Open Day in the Theatre Complex at the Royal Site on Saturday 11th October. Over 300 applicants attended and were given the opportunity to view two working theatres and were able to speak to experienced staff working in this area.

Some quotes from the applicants were:

“I am very excited about starting my nursing career within the Trust, the preceptorship programme is astonishing”
“all the Staff where so welcoming and the tour of Theatres was extremely informative”
“this was a great opportunity to speak with the staff from Theatres and answer any questions and concerns I had about working theatres”

Applicants were thrilled to be able to meet Mr Louie Lou, Consultant Vascular Surgeon and also Dr Martin Shields Consultant Anaesthetist who took time out from their busy schedule to welcome everyone and give them invaluable advice and information.

Mrs Joanna McCormick, Associate Director of Nursing for Acute and Unscheduled Care, Mrs Janet Johnson, Co-Director ACCTS and Acute and Unscheduled Care and Endoscopy, Mrs Bronagh Hagan, Acting Service Manager, Anaesthetics and Critical Care and Mrs Maura Campbell, Senior Manager Human Resources were also in attendance.

A huge thanks to Sharonn Downey and Laura Byrne from HR and Ms Ollyn O’Neill, Service Manager Theatres, Decon, Pre-assessment and Day of Surgery, Mrs Karen White and Mrs Tara Clinton both Clinical Co-ordinators for Theatres, Pre-Assessment, Recovery and Day of Surgery on Royal, Mater and City Sites and all their Staff who helped make the day a huge success.